My CV in english

Curriculum Vitae

Jonas Grolin


2014 Graduated as IT-Technologist from KEA

2011 Graduated the Multimedia Design and Communication from KEA

2009 Graduated basic training from Ballerup TEC in Electricity, IT support and management

2006 Graduated AP degree in Health and social scienses

2003 Graduated college

Work Experience

2016 E-marketing for RE-POWER

2015 E-marketing for WUXUS A/S

2014 Development of Hyper-V server for Kingdeals

2013 Webmaster developing the WordPress site for piddubny.

2013 Webmaster developing: eyeofstyle

2012 Search engine optimisation for

2011 Working as a Tutor at KEA Web-development 1. semester

2006 - 2009 Worked as a caretaker in Health and social service

Volunteer Work

Working in Computergruppen, an IT support group. Have been upgrading my skills in different software, hardware and customer support skills.

Personal profile

Hard worker, creative, a good friend, good work morals, responsible, stabile student, a team player, cooperative, independent, service minded.